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GLOBAL Title: Obama Looks To Future after Historic Win Author: John Whitesides Date: Thursday, Nov 6th, 2008 Source: Daily Asian Free Press Article Summary Barack Obama, a Democrat won the U.S federal election on Wednesday, Nov 5th, 2008. He led McCain by 52% to 46%, making him the first African-American to become President. Though he will not takeover until January 20, his promises of withdrawing U.S troops from Iraq, and tackling the U.S financial crisis will be a short delay. Many world leaders welcomed Obama's victory, and many more have celebrated this astonishing victory in cities and towns across the country. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reflected the joy of many black Americans, calling Obama "inspirational" and praising the United States for its ability to surprise, yet with all the celebrations underway, Obama has little time to enjoy his triumph. Once he's in office, he has a lot of work to deliver on his campaign promises. Analysis These issues affect the people in America because since Obama is the first black man to become president, America won't have such a big problem with racism, and Obama will be a positive role-model for African-Americans. Also Obama has very good ideas that will change the world, unlike George. W. Bush. With the financial crisis and inflation rates sky rocketing, Obama will hopefully solve all these problems. These issues relate to me because the way the economy is doing, my family might not be able to afford basic needs, also no one has too much money to spend on items or any other things, which means other people are losing jobs because no one is buying what they're producing. My opinion to the issue on the financial crisis is that it won't just go away, it's going to stay like this for 2-3 years then the problem might get fixed. Right now Obama's in a bad position to be in presidency. Obama will fix

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