Barack Obama Speech Review

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Barack Obama's Inauguration Speech Review Barack Obama's inaugaration speech was very well thought out and well delivered, showing good public communication skills. He spoke loud and clear to cover his large audience showing good physical context and good cultural context knowing his audience. He had good temporal context raising his voice to emphasize a thought and lower his voice when speaking on an emotional subject. Barack payed close attention to his receivers, giving good pauses for the audience to have a chance to understand what he is saying and react. He was very calm and did not seem very nervous when delivering his speech, using his vocal channel and visual channel very well, using not only words but gestures as well to deliver his points. He did his best to get past any noise, there was a point where there was some physical noise that interfered with the presidents speech. He spoke clearly and in a way that all would understand to avoid other unneccessary noise. Barack seemed to do good critical thinking to think of the right words to say and when to say them, he closed barriers between people of different cultures addressing them all. Also, he showed his value of ethics where there is right and there is wrong. He used his power best to express his views, getting the audience behing him and behind his thoughts. Depending on the amount of noise, response from his audience, and the point he made he would take the appropriate pause for a response. He showed some adjustment and accomdation Since he was speaking with Americans about America, he spoke on issues that concern them and at the end of the speech says "God Bless America." He showed good use of powers. legitimate, referent, and expert power. Knowing the people were behind them he was able to get them to listen to his points and follow him. Also, he showed good use of reward power as well,

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