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James Marcellus Professor West Critical Thinking Argumentative Project Part III When first elected in 2008, Barack Obama made what was a dream for so many African-Americans across the globe, a reality by becoming the first African-American President in the history of the United States. Along with his election, he brought excitement and what so many blacks called “hope” for the world and specifically the black community. But ironically, the first black President in the U.S. is furthering the insurmountable epidemics that the African-American community is plagued with every day. Barack Obama continues to forward and promote the very agendas that incarcerate, sicken, and ultimately kill African-Americans all over this country. Obama supports and contributes to the growth of the homosexual community, which is where HIV and STD’s are most prevalent amongst blacks. Statistics make this clearly evident: Obama’s voting record on homosexual rights. Whatever one’s belief system is concerning homosexuality, it is insignificant because one cannot deny or ignore the alarming statistics of AIDS and sexual transmitted diseases prevalent in the homosexual…show more content…
more than any other race. They have faced segregation, racism, violence, and of course slavery. Finally seeing the progress and success of the race with one of their own being elected President for the first time in history, with reason, becomes overwhelming. But if blacks truly care about the progress of their race, they need to do what they as people have been begging others to do throughout history, and that’s look past a man’s color and into his heart or in this case, his agendas. Barack Obama may claim he loves the black community, but his agendas and causes that he is promoting say otherwise and consequently, will kill more and more blacks

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