Bar Manager Human Resources Essay

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Bar Manager A. Davis BUS 303 Human Resources Manager When I was younger, I started working at my Grandmother’s bar. I started out as a waitress from there I became a Bartender. After a few years of working myself up I became Manager and eventually would become a General Manager. Using methods I learned from personal experience working as a Bar Manager, it will be explained the uses that I was successful within the past. The General Manager provides strategic direction for their bar/night club. This manager must maintain operations and drive results his/her bar through people development, sales and growth of profit. The manager must hire, train and develop Crewmembers and Managers that share the Cheers values and culture. The Manager must convey the Cheers to his/her crew and be a creative team player who likes to work hard, have fun, and show sincere dedication to Cheers. The General Manager must insure that the bar always delivers The Perfect Customer Service, Friendly and Having Fun! People Management: Own staffing in bar by providing timely feedback on interviews to the management team; monitor selection process and all managers’ roles in it. Ensure the bar environment is safe at all times for both Crewmembers and Customers; oversees the correct facilitation of the orientation process is being executed properly; write and implement or monitor manager development and performance goals; ensure performance goals are written and executed as needed. Make all final hire and termination decisions for bar and ensure proper procedures are followed in regards to hiring, promotions and separations. Creates or approves

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