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Water supply *The supply maybe available from a local municipal or privately owned system, or it may be necessary to utilize surface or subsurface sources, like a river. *Water supply will be adequate to meet present and future plant requirements. *If system design temperature rise exceeds permissible rise, a supplemental cooling system (cooling Towers ) will be incorporated into the design. Fuel supply Site selection will take into consideration fuel storage and the ingress and egress of fuel delivery equipment. A site close to a railway will be used in order for easy transport of coal. Physical characteristics Selection of the site will be based on the availability of usable land for the plant, including yard structures, fuel handling facilities, and any future expansion. Other considerations that will be taken into account in site selection are: -Soil information. -Site drainage. - Wind data. -Seismic zone. -Ingress and egress. For economic purposes and operational efficiency, the plant site will be located as close to the load centres as environmental conditions permit. What site will be chosen To minimize cut and fill, plant facilities will be located on high ground and storm water drainage will be directed away from the plant. Assuming on site soils are suitable, grading will be based on balanced cut and fill volume to avoid hauling of excess fill material to offsite disposal and replacement with expensive new material. Drainage. Storm water drainage will be evaluated based on rainfall intensities, runoff characteristics of soil, facilities for receiving storm water discharge, and local regulations. Storm water drains or systems will not be integrated with sanitary drains and other contaminated water drainage systems. Erosion prevention. All graded areas will be stabilized to control erosion by designing shallow slopes to

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