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Baptism is a universally practiced ritual related to “cleansing”. Most cultures use water for baptism such as the Hindus who baptized in the Ganges River. Egyptians baptized both their newborn children and the dead. The Jews and the Essenes circumcised their young and then baptized them. This topic really spoke to me because I have not yet been baptized. I was as they say, “born and raised a Seventh-Day Adventist”, I was even dedicated to God in the church shortly after I was born. Nevertheless, I have not been officially baptized. In my opinion baptism is an outward expression or symbol of our inner commitment to God. You can still be saved without being baptized, and if you are baptized and lose sight of God, you don’t necessarily need to be baptized again. Baptism represents your personal relationship with God and is solely between you and the Father. Since baptism is just the outward symbol of our faith and commitment to God, one could be strongly committed and devoted to God and not have yet been “physically” baptized. On the other hand, someone could be physically baptized and not have fully committed themselves to Christ. For example, I have many friends who got baptized in the third and fourth grades. At that time, they did not fully understand how Christ died for us or what He offers us in exchange for His death. Also, how can we expect a third grader to be ready to fully commit their lives to Jesus? I’m not saying that they didn’t commit themselves later on, but at that time they were not ready and their baptism was just an outward symbol. Internally, they had not fully committed themselves to Christ. I have heard of many people who get re-baptized, so that they can recommit themselves to Christ. I believe that after you have been baptized you do not necessarily need to be baptized again, even if you may have “lost sight of Jesus” for a time. God does

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