Banquo's Monologue

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BANQUO'S MONOLOGUE This monologue will take place in the forest outside the castle in which King Macbeth now rules. Macbeth will be holding a banquet later on in the evening and Banquo is invited. Banquo and Fleance ride by horseback. This monologue will be mostly thoughts, spoken to the audience. BANQUO: Aye burden thee prophecy has't become. Can one be destined to rule a country? Listen to oneself, contemplating about the words, given to thee from serpents of thy underworld. This be a blessing? that one may have kings, yet not be one thyself?-Or a raven, a symbol of death and deceit. How can one speak with such a lack of moral? (Large Nell sounds, symboling Duncan's death and Macbeth's new role as King.) Alas, thy Nell brings a once honorable and noble king to rest. Duncan, a heart so pure. Now, a tyrant has't become king. Macbeth. (Two dark figures approach Banquo and Fleance. An arrow is fired into Banquo's upper body region.) Fly Fleance, fly ! (Banquo collapses from his horse, Fleance is seen running from the scene.) It seems Macbeth has't betrayed oneself. Moronic coward... let this be known to yee, Macbeth...Fleance has't survived your attack! My time is't up, now I die here by the riverbed. Is this what I deserve? -No, I am to sure that I have lived my life justly. One is who one is, acting upon thy beliefs and being honest to whom I held dear. Macbeth, you kill for the throne, then what is stopping someone wanting the same? My blood lives on...Fleance will be king...he will take the throne....(Banquo

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