Banning Smoking Is Undemocratic

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As professor of social politics, mark kings position on the issue of banning smoking would be expected to be believed. Kings opinion piece, “banning smoking is undemocratic” appeals to the readers democratic rights to convince them that we should not ban smoking and that “we must accept the fact that people are responsible for their own lives” relying heavily on the results of a webpoll and his own research findings diverts readers to accept that in democracy individual have the right to make choices about their own life. In this opinion piece there is a inclusion of a webpoll preformed by the herald sun asking should smoking be illegal, this is put here to demonstrate what mark king is trying to get across to the reader in the opinion piece this relates to the headline in the way that it is showing that 55.8% of the public are against smoking being banned and only 44.2% of the public agree that smoking should be banned “this tells us that although most people dislike smoking they are not prepared to make it illegal”. In part of the opinion piece king tries to appeal to his reader’s democratic rights and freedom of choice, by defining what democracy is to him “democracy is about individual freedom and choice, or what philosophers call ‘enlightened self interest’” .knight reinforces his statement when he returns to it in the second half of the text he says “we must accept the fact that people are responsible for their own lives” and “if you choose to smoke, you must accept the consequences of ill health that the bad habit brings”. In the second half of this piece king uses an inclusive pronoun twice the pronoun being ‘we’ king uses these to drag readers in and make them think that they can help. He reinforces the issue be finishing with a reference to our democratic rights “but it is verging to take away people’s right to choose”. King uses a webpoll to include the

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