Banning Metal Bats

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The Banning of Metal Bats Metal bats should be banned throughout all levels in the great sport of baseball. Metal bats endanger the safety of all players on the field and have been a major threat since 1970. Players have died from being struck by a ball hit by a metal bat. The use of metal bats also takes away the competitiveness of the game. Metal bats should be banned and wooden bats should be used in it their place. Metal bats are unsafe to play with and should be banned from baseball. According to an article in The New York Times, a “ball is estimated to travel about 20 miles an hour faster off a metal bat than off a wood bat” (Metal Bats Are an Issue of Life and Death). According to another source, with an “average pitching speed of 56.6 mph, aluminum bats average a 92.5 mph hit, while wooden averaged an 88.6 mph hit” (Why Aluminum Bats Can Perform Better than Wooden Bats). These are large speed differences and can decide whether or not a player will react in time to catch a batted ball. “Between 1991 and 2001, 17 players were killed by batted balls, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Eight involved metal bats and [only] two involved wood bats (Metal Bats Are…). The other seven bats were not documented with the deaths. According to this, out of the ten times a batted ball kills a player, eight of them will be by an aluminum bat, and two by a wooden. Despite these facts, New York’s earlier attempt to ban metal bats from little league level failed. Apparently only the people’s lives that were affected by metal bats care about the banning of them. Metal bats make a game less competitive and give hitters an unfair advantage. Even if a metal bat is the same size of a wooden, its’ barrel is larger that the wooden, providing it with a larger area for the bat to hit the ball. In addition, even though wooden bats are the same size as metal
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