Banning Handgun Sales Essay

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Banning Handgun Sales Public Attitude toward “the right to bear arms” In April 16, a young Virginia Texh student, named Seung Hui Cho committed a massacre on the campus. In his wake 32 were murdered and 25 wee injured (Wikipedia). In Southern California, Gian Luigi Ferri bought a TEC-9, shot and killed eight men and women while wounding five victims before fatally shooting himself in a stairwell. These gun-related crimes illustrate why the second amendment is such a highly debated and polarizing issue. The first ten amendments to the constitution were ratified as a means to prevent the national government from limiting personal freedoms. James Madison introduced 12 constitutional amendments during the First Congress in 1789 as a respond to critics from the Anti-Federalists who argued about the lack of protection of individual rights in the new Constitution. The founding fathers intended the second amendment to guarantee an individual right under certain kind of circumstances to possess certain kind of weapons, however, they did not explain clearly the language they use. A lot of confusion happened in interpreting this clause from the second amendment “the right to bear arms” and about the word “people” the founding fathers used in writing the second amendment. There group of people who interpret the word “people” as an individuals , other group see it as militias the founding father meant as they would provide security to their states’ citizen in a time was no federal military yet and the safety of the people rely on each state of the America. “the right to bear arms” caused a hot debates in the public as some people see owning a gun as a God-given unalienable right, while others see it as a relic from a time gone by when society was less civil and personal protection was up to the individual. Still others point to the fact that handguns sales

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