Banned Books Essay

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By banning books, it creates a very negative effect on kids and possibly even eliminates life teaching of life lessons for student. Also, going through life without the knowledge of what else is out there besides "rainbows and lollipops" can be pretty detrimental, as kids would not be able to handle life too well in the real world, if the whole time when they were younger they were being protected from all the "bad things" More over , many decide to do what they is best for the safety of children, but sometimes it harms them in more ways than helping them. So clearly , books shouldn't be banned from society . On the other hand , some books have suggestive content of profanity. However, when you keep the so-called negative parts of the books in kids gain knowledge of what and what's not good to do,say,or,act. So , books should not be banned from society. Books are peoples way to escape reality for just a moment time. Henceforth , books should not be banned because it allows kids and any one of that matter to escape their reality. (4) Some kids may not have a good life at home and when they read it allows them to forget about things for a while. This can apply to school too, if someone doesn't have a lot of friends, they are able to dive into the book and feel like they re apart of something bigger. Another example is , (5) literature is art, it how the author's express themselves, and that would take that opportunity away from them. Taking that away from the author is like taking away they ability to speak.1 While books shouldn't be banned from society , some have a lot of profanity. Nonetheless , that would be taking away the rights citizens through the First Amendment. (1) First Amendment says we have the freedom of speech and press, not the freedom of reading what others allow us to read. In contrast , many books have suggestive
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