Banking Organisation Essay

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BANKING ORGANISATION Dream varies from person to person according to ones mental status, attitude and ones expectations from his or her life. Every human being has some dream in life someone is crazy for riches others has zeal to hold a particular key position. My aim is to achieve something in banking field and with this very vision I’ve been planning my career. I feel that an organization I’d like to join after completing MBA will be banking organization. I always wanted to work with the organization where I can polish my skills and learn the art of handling different kinds of people. Communicating with different people, sharing ideas and helping others are always been my priorities. While working in a bank one day to day meet new faces and new problems of theirs. The best time of the day of a committed employee is spent in the office. Obviously it should provide a harmonious atmosphere where people work in complete harmony with each other. Environment where people help each other and their main objective should be achieving the organization’s goal. Each person has their own goal, different preferences. My preference is that “My dream organization” should be like where I can maintain balance between the office and home. Being a girl I want to work with the organization which will provide some job security as well as boost up my skills and give me chance to grow as an individual. I should get the opportunities to learn different things and where I should have the opportunity to do what I can do the best and should received recognition or praise for doing good work. There should be someone at work who encourages my development and care for me as a person. An organization where a healthy work environment prevails. Carrier in banking will help me understand better on finance. First of all, banking promotes savings and financial management. Financial management
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