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PROCEDURE FOR OPENING AN ACCOUNT IN AXIS BANK: BASIC SAVINGS ACCOUNT: All individuals (sole or joint) residing in India can open a Basic Savings Account. The individual should not have an existing savings account with Axis bank prior to the opening of Basic Savings account. To open a Basic Savings Account, applicants must provide the following: • Two latest passport size photographs • Address & ID proof documents. For a full List of Address and ID proof documents Only a single copy of the document is required if it listed under both address and Identity proof. E.g.: Passport/Aadhar Card. In case your Mailing Address and the Permanent Address are different, address proof documents will be required for both. Address and ID proof for Hindu Undivided Family accounts All the documents, given below, need to be provided for Hindu Undivided Family Applications. • Copy of PAN / Form 60 of HUF • Declaration from the Karta • Proof of Identification and address of Karta as per documentation for individual • Prescribed Joint Hindu Family Letter signed by all the adult holders Address and ID Proof for Joint Accounts For joint accounts, you will need to provide ID proof documents for both applicants. However, address proof can be of the First holder of the account, as long as it is supplemented by a relationship proof between both the holders. CURRENT ACCOUNT: Mentioned below is the list of documents to be submitted with the completed duly signed Account Opening Form: Basic Common Documentation • Proof of Identity: PAN Card, Voter Id Card, Passport, Driving License • Proof of Address: Latest Telephone Bill or Electricity Bill Public or Private Limited Companies • Certificate of Incorporation and Commencement of Business • Memorandum and Articles of Association • Board resolution authorising the opening and operation of the account • PAN or GIR No. or

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