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International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance, Vol.2, No.1, February, 2011 2010-023X Impacts of service quality on customer satisfaction: Study of Online banking and ATM services in Malaysia Hazlina Abdul Kadir, Nasim Rahmani and Reza Masinae become the first bank to offer internet banking service in Malaysia through its own portal, This service offered many financial services to customers. Customers were able to pay their bills, check their balance and transfer money to other accounts. It provided daily customer support service via email as well as telephone line from 6 A.M to 12 midnight. Another domestic bank is the Hong Leong bank that introduced internet banking in December 2000 and it provides not only all previously Phone banking services but also offers the option of accessing to all history transaction on its websites, They also provide customer service via email and telephone line that is available daily from 7am to 11 pm. Third bank that offered internet banking in Malaysia was Southern Bank. (Southern bank later acquired by Bumiputra Commerce Bank. Then, these two banks along with CIMB Investment Bank created a universal bank which is currently called CIMB Bank). Alliance bank is another bank which offered internet banking toward the end of 2001 via A recent inspection about the Malaysian bank’s websites indicates that all domestic banks which were called anchor banks have a website and offer online banking services. Others banks are Am bank, AFFIN, Public, EON and RHB Bank Berhad in Malaysia. Abstract—This study tries to identify the effects of services offered by Malaysian banks through online media and ATMs on customer satisfaction. 500 students from different universities in Malaysia including University of Malaya, University Kebangsan Malaysia, University Putra

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