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Challenges facing Islamic banks By Abdul Jabbar Karimi ISLAMIC banking industry has been trying for the last over two decades to extend its outreach to bring it at least to the level of conventional banking. But the absence of Shariah-compliant legal framework — needed to make interest-free banking acceptable (and create sound financial institutions) — is the major snag behind its low penetration in the financial market. It is the time to take stock of challenges faced by the Islamic banks as they need a number of supporting institutions/arrangements to perform functions which are being carried out by various financial institutions in the conventional framework. Attempts should be made to modify the existing structure to provide better products and quality service within the ambit of Islamic laws. Some of the most important challenges facing the Islamic banking industry are identified as follows. Legal Support: Islamic law offers its own framework for execution of commercial and financial contracts and transactions. Nevertheless, commercial banking and company laws appropriate for implementation of Islamic banking and financial contracts do not exist. Islamic banking contracts are treated as buying and selling properties and hence are taxed twice. The commercial, banking and company laws contain provisions that are narrowly defined and prohibit the scope of Islamic banking activities within conventional limits. It is necessary that special laws for the introduction and practice of Islamic banking be put in place. The legal framework of Islamic banking and finances might include the following: a. Islamic banking courts: The disputed cases of the Islamic banks are subject to the same legal system and are dealt with the same court and judge as the conventional one while the nature of the legal system of Islam is totally different. To ensure a proper, speedy and

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