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Date: 26 Oct. 2012 Content | | Executive Summary | 3 | Introduction | 4 | Literature Review | 6 | Methodology | 10 | The Politics of Australia | 12 | Financial Consideration | 17 | Legal and Technical Aspects | 23 | Social & Ethical Aspects | 29 | Cultural Aspects | 32 | Internal structure and strategy entry | 38 | Other Challenges | 44 | Conclusion | 49 | Appendix | 50 | references | 54 | Executive Summary This report provides a detailed analysis for Bank of China to determine whether Australia is an appropriate market to enter. Firstly, the report will explore about the political economy of Australia, followed by the financial situation of Bank of China through its annual report. Secondly, this report will introduce the legal aspects and technical situation of Australia. Next are the analysis social and ethical aspects of Australia. Finally, it will provide a detailed analysis of Australian culture and the mode of entry for Banks of China; as well some other material issues that would be relevant to Bank of China. It will conclude with a general knowledge about the importance of doing business in Australia and make a recommendation. Through the analysis, this report will assists Bank of China evaluate its decision of entering into Australian market based on the analysis. Introduction In the recent decades, the financial sector in China has been experiencing progressive transformation from a centralized planning economy to a market based economy. This has encouraged it to undertake a number of initiatives that will help boost its market structure and attract more investors into the country. In the year 2001, China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) that opened its market for foreign investors to come and invest in the country’s portfolio. This move has facilitated global co-operation among China and other member

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