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Bank of America SWOT ANALYSIS I. Organization History The heritage of Bank of America and its legacy institutions can be traced to the early years of our republic in the late 18th century. From 1784 to the present, we have helped create opportunity and fuel economic growth by investing in the people, neighborhoods, institutions and industries that have built and advanced America. Bank of America’s Goals ("Bank of America Investor Fact Book,”) - For all: To be the finest financial services company in the world. For customers and clients: To set opportunities by providing clarity, choice, control, and the best products, advice and service for all customers’ and clients’ financial needs. For shareholders: To produce long-term, consistent returns by deepening customer/client relationships, managing the balance sheet wisely and managing risk well. For associates: To create a workplace in which associates have the opportunity to achieve their full potential; in which diversity and inclusion are valued and fostered; in which associates can succeed while balancing work, life and family; and in which rewards are based on results. For communities: To strengthen the communities we serve through community development, philanthropy, volunteerism and environmental initiatives. II. Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses A. Associate Satisfaction 1. Associates benefits are outstanding and have allowed Bank of America to be named one of the top 10 best companies to work for in the US. The company works towards allowing an associate to juggle both a professional life and a family life without jeopardizing either. These benefits consist of flexible work schedules, work from home schedules, financial advisory service, associate deposit and credit card products offered at favorable pricing, daycare reimbursement/ on-site daycare facility,

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