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For this assignment I chose to complete a report on Alliance & Leicester Bank Plc.I has carried out an environmental audit on our chosen organisation, which includes a scan of all of the forces within both the macro and micro environment of the company. From this I wAS able to carry out a SWOT analysis of the company and its operations. PROFILE The Alliance & Leicester Bank Plc was initially founded on the 1st of October 1985 when The Alliance and The Leicester Building Societies merged to form The Alliance & Leicester Building Society. Travelling forward to the present day, Alliance and Leicester is now a part of international Santander Group, which has more than 150 years of experience in banking sector and is now a major financial services provider in the UK banking industry, having also acquired The Abbey and Bradford and Bingley in recent years. Nationwide, Alliance & Leicester currently has 254 branches, 2,500 cash machines and 14,000 Post Offices (through the acquisition of Giro bank in 1989) available for customer account management and servicing. At present, Alliance & Leicester hold 3.6% of the UK mortgage market solely also catering for £55 billion worth of customers. They manage 92,400 business bank accounts and are responsible for 1.72 million active current accounts. Alliance and Leicester and The Santander group are committed to serving their customers and helping them make the most of their money. In 2008 Santander won the Economy award, ‘Best Global Bank’, for retail banking. Peace of mind when you bank with Alliance and Leicester, is the message from Santander and this is the motto used on all advertisements, promotions and campaigns relating to the company since the takeover THE MACRO ENVIRONMENT POLITICAL The Government has recently increased control over the UK banking sector (The Telegraph, Oct 2008) and is taking decisive

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