Banishment In King Lear

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Under normal circumstances banishment is viewed as a punishment and as a big inconvenience. However, for the characters in King Lear this is not the case. This first becomes apparent when King Lear banishes Cordelia, his daughter, from his property and denies her of her inheritance. His intent is that she should become penniless and worthless. Fortunately for Cordelia, the King of France still finds her appealing as ever, if not more appealing, and they wed. If King Lear had not banished and left her with nothing, Cordelia might not have ended up with the man that was better suited to her. Secondly, when King Lear himself is banished by both of his daughters, Goneril and Regan, it makes him come to the realisation that he had made a big mistake by striking of Cordelia. This realisation would most likely not have come to him if he were still on good terms with Goneril and Regan. Another character that gets banished is Kent, King Lear’s very good friend. Kent is banished when he tries to make King Lear see the error of his actions, regarding Cordelia. However, after being banished Kent comes back in disguise and has the chance to get through to King Lear in an alternative way. Similarly, Gloucester’s legitimate son Edgar is banished from the country, after allegedly attacking Edmund. Edgar does not leave the country, but comes back in disguise. This allows him to still get close contact with his father, and at the same time not be hated by
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