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am against Jamaate Islami.But, killing their leaders on fake charges is not acceptable.It will lead to multiple problems. 1.If the Awami League government and Awami League workers butcher Jamaat workers in a criminal way, it will definitely lead to terrorism in Bangladesh. 2.If a culture of killing the leaders of opposition when we are in power, later other parties also will exploit that culture and kill other political opponents in fake charges. So, we can fight Jamaat ideologically and electorally. Diversion of opinion on social media between the youngsters of AL and Jamaat THE immediate effect of the latest verdict from the “International Crimes Tribunal” was the worst single day of political violence in the history of modern Bangladesh. Actually a domestic court, the tribunal is tasked with trying the men who stand accused of committing atrocities during the 1971 war that gave birth to Bangladesh as a nation independent from Pakistan. On February 28th it issued its third verdict: death by hanging, for Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, now one of the leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh’s biggest Islamist party, for the murder, abduction, rape, torture and persecution of his countrymen. His sentence had been expected. Members of Shibir, the Jamaat’s student wing, and their supporters reacted furiously to the sentence against one of their leaders. Within 24 hours at least 35 people were killed, including four policemen. The police fired into the protesters, shooting dead at least 23 of them. In southern Bangladesh, attacks on the homes and temples of Hindus were reported. By the night of February 28th the government had deployed the Bangladesh Border Guards, a paramilitary force, in a bid to maintain law and order around the country. On the morning of March 1st it imposed a ban on public assembly in four volatile districts; in one of those places, it has

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