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(A) Bangkok is the capital and the most popular city of Thailand. Bangkok absolutely lighted up its character as a travel hot spot in Southeast Asia. Thailand may not have the lowest price of staying in the world, but compared to North America, Australia or Japan, Thailand is outright low-cost. Viewers say that Bangkok was filthy but they have not seen an actual unclean city, maybe everything is not in good quality or new like Dubai or Singapore, however people will not discovery much rubbish there. Road merchants have a motivator to keep their spot of business clean, which the lanes are cleared consistently by hands. There is no graffiti found in Bangkok and thief that found in several major cities, there is next to no significant wrongdoing. Thailand has problems with corruption, yet it is distant from the most exceedingly awful place in the area. (B) It has offbeat markets, upmarket shopping malls, a riverside filled with amazements, a dynamic nightlife scene, fabulous views and attraction that reflect its exclusive legacy. The city has a modern sky train and underground orders that cover a vast zone. The Bangkok sky train has been intended to help tourists to discover all the interesting destinations and activities. Tourist can also explore the riverside range by a long-tail speedboat or river taxi; it is a fantastic approach to get a glimpse into the ageless appeal of the city. It is also to witness the part Bangkok’s numerous conduits have played in its past straight up to the present day. (C) Elephant ride on the street are available in Thailand, Singapore have stop elephant rides as the Singapore Zoo adopt way of caring for elephants and also to offer safety for the elephant keepers. Talad Rot Fai it was once an open-air bazaar set beside an abandoned railroad tracks near Chatuchak area, however, the train market has since moved to Srinakarin Road since

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