Bandura Et Al (1961) Essay

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What was the study about? This study was done by Albert Bandura with the help from Dorothea Ross and Sheila Ross in 1961. It is important to say that Bandura is best known for developing the Social Learning theory and; has mainly emphasised the role of observation and imitation of role models. This study is a laboratory experiment that investigated the effects of observing aggression. The aim was to demonstrate that if children were passive witnesses to and aggressive display by an adult they would imitate this aggressive behaviour when given the opportunity. How was it carried? Bandura took a sample of 72 boys and girls from Stanford University Nursery School. Children were matched in this study by being observed in the nursery school and this was done in three conditions: Aggressive Group- 24 children witnessed an adult being aggressive to a Bobo doll Non-Aggressive Group- 24 children observed an adult playing and ignoring a Bobo doll Control Group- with 24 participants not witnessing anything. Method and findings of the study Method: Each participant was taken into the room and played in one corner with toys and playing, while in the other corner the adult is either playing nicely or aggressively with the Bobo doll. Findings of the study: Children observing aggressive models imitated them exactly, increasing physical and verbal aggression compared to those watching nonaggressive models (more so in boys – especially physical than girls) or no model. Boys were more likely to imitate a same-sex model and so were girls (to a lesser
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