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Bancaja Case Study Bancaja Case Study With its local and historical advantaged conditions, in 1996, Bancaja had grown to be the largest saving bank and financial institution in Valencia. However, the rapid expansion left a bank with a somewhat disjoint structure and less market share. People started thinking about blazing new trail, which is CRM to convince others to see the tangible value by using of customer statistics intensively. It turned out to be a good start on the project of Spanish credit card market for Bancaja. But in the present context, it still has a long way to go. 1-Challenge-make a change From 1990 to 1996, Bancaja had a large-scale development. And that made bancaja penetrate in almost every aspect of financial industry in Spain. Nevertheless, the large scale expansion doesn’t bring what the bank wants. Realizing it’s still far from the cutting-edge example of the nation’s leading financial institutions, Bancaja drafted a prospective strategic plan. From getting a cohesive structure of the bank to increase customers’ loyalty and get the new ones. Bancaja shows a forward-looking action in its area. It’s time for bancaja to move forward and make a change. 2-Introduction of CRM In terms of cost efficient and analysis of new possibilities for new client segmentation, Bancaja started thinking about introducing the CRM. Meanwhile client database needs to be built. Even though customer analytics seemed promising, CRM was not yet commonplace in banking. In this case, the CEO comes from a quite different background with new marketing approaches, and one of that is CRM. The gap between the present reality and the ideal still exists. Employees have to change the way they used to deal with their clients, and no one can be sure about the long-term expense. 3-Credit cards: potential benefit + low risk As an innovator in credit card

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