Banana Time Essay

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Banana time Case Analysis In this case, the author describes the working group he was involved in and tries to analyze the behavior of his colleagues and the social interactions they maintain during work. Required System : • As a group, they were working as factory machine operators, where they were responsible for clicking machines. • The working group has four members. 1. The author, he is new in the group and responsible for the last machine in the row, he is trying to understand the standards of the work and interact with the other members. 2. George, he is the oldest and the most experienced in the group, he works on the first machine. 3. Ike, he was at George’s left. 4. Sammy, and he is the author’s neighbor. Emergent system: • Workdays were extremely long and repetitive, in addition to the fact that the working area was isolated from all the other departments. • These working conditions make it harder for the group to get over the monotony of their days, and this is how they started creating an atmosphere that would make their days more interesting. • Since the place lacks a leader or a manager who could control the work, the timing, and the breaks, work was taken easily and privileges were done to recreation times and extended breaks. • These recreations were given names depending on the activities done during the period of time, such that “Banana time”, “peach time”, “Coke time”.. Personal system: • These workers are not indolent or unqualified; some of them might be even overqualified for the position, but the fact is that boredom and monotony makes them unable to focus on their tasks, which leads them to starting this kind of inappropriate behavior. • Their work does not seem to require any competency, creativity, or high level analysis; it is just manual,

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