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Zxia Fort 4/11/2013 TR 9:30-10:45 Ban Zhao was an anti-feminist. She supported the idea of women becoming educated and she had an implicit desire for more equality. On the contrast, she accepted the idea of women being inferior to men. Her ideologies reflected that of society. She believed women were to serve their husbands and should follow any orders ordained to them. Ban Zhao represents a passive aggressive educated woman that agreed with most of the Chinese patriarchy which made it easy for her to successfully produce literacy work. Being in a family that valued education, Ban Zhao understood the importance of it. She also understood that within the patriarchy, women were not encouraged to get an education. “I, the unworthy writer, am unsophisticated, unenlightened, and by nature unintelligent.” She starts off with this introduction to emphasize women being inferior in society. She is an exception to this because she was educated and has the educational experiences to put her in a position of influential power. She passively contradicts herself to prove that some parts of the patriarchal system needs to be adjusted. With her statement she is not a threat to authority because she sees herself as inferior. Even though she knows that a woman being educated is not usual she believes all women should receive a quality education. “Yet only to teach men and not to teach women – is that not ignoring the essential relation between them?” She uses her statement to advocate for women passively while still holding men in a higher position. She believes that women should be educated to better serve their husbands because that would help to keep the cycle going. Education for Ban Zhao started before she was married and even after her husband died. Ban Zhao continued to write and never remarried. This could indicate that her education and literacy

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