Ban the Deed Not the Breed Essay

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Last year, in August, a four year old child was brutally mangled by a pit bull terrier while the pit bull's owner stood back and made no attempt to stop the dog. As a result of this one incident, the media is in a frenzy, bombarding the brainwashed public with prejudice filled articles one-by-one “ToT mauled in a savage pitbull attack” “Rogue Pit bull mauls two infants” “Race to review dog laws”. Even parliament is on the rise to consider a Breed specific legislation, basically this means if a pit bull was identified on the street, it will either face the rest of a its life in a dog shelter or it get euthanasia. NO….. That’s not good enough, parliament. Possible owners need to be educated on how to raise a dog. The breed specific legislation is irrational it’s illogical as it means we are putting all the blame on dogs when owners are the determining factor for whether a dog is docile or vicious. We need to punish the deed not the breed. The modern day myth of the pit bull terrier is that it is genetically aggressive. Yes, it is true, pit bull terriers are descendants of the bull-baiting dogs who were trained to hunt large animals. Yes, it is true that pit bull terriers were a popular choice in the now illegal sport of dog fighting, in which people gambled on the winner of a literal fight-to-the-death between two dogs. BUT….. Can an average individual even identify a “Pit Bull’? Pit bull" is not a breed, but a "type" that encompasses several registered breeds and crossbreeds. Quite often dogs that attack are identified as pit bulls when they are not. There are 20+ breeds that are commonly incorrectly identified as pit bulls. You are condemning death to one dog. Can you pick the right one?... It is very easy to form stereotypes. When most of us image a pit bull we think of uncontrollable, bred-to-kill, killing machines. HOWEVER, Dr. Jim Ha, a renowned canine

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