Ban Smoking On Campus Essay

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Title: Reflections of the ENG 113 Course Today was awkward for me; I got up late because I forgot to set the alarm clock last night. I rushed to class without eating my breakfast and thanked god that I managed to arrival in teaching block just in time before the lecture started. . When I was first walking into T 406, I felt a little bit nervous since it was my first class in the third semester for me. Some of my classmate was late too. When our ENG113 lecturer, MS Rekha walked in, she greeted us with a smile and Ms Rekha use the name list to help us to arrange the group presentation and prepare the topic of research group presentation. Even I can’t same group with my friend but me no felt unhappy about that our ENG 113 lecturer arrangement for the group presentation instead, I felt better because me can improve my communication skill when me talk with my group member . The ENG 113 course content for me is much more harder than was I have done during ENG 112 course before. I felt very abash when I saw the coursework mark is more than final exam. A little bit of this course components are new to me, which required me need hard working to do a lot of exercise and try to understood them . On Wednesday, Ms Rekha give the sample questionnaire for each group with different topic for the presentation and my group got Drawn the Title topic is NUC students opinion on the role of parents in curbing youth violence. I felt this topic was a interesting topic and we need research more information about youth violence to add the question for us questionnaire. Besides that, I was learn many concept about the critical analysis. In that time, I realise the reason why my parents were sending me to the college because measure me can live in better life in the future. In order not let my parents down, I must study hard to repay parents grace and realize their

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