Ban Smoking in Public Places

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Why Ban Smoking in Public Places? The U.S constitution guarantees Americans the freedom to pursue happiness without harming others. Therefore, Michigan State has passed a law to ban smoking in public places. The law is designed to protect non-smokers from second hand smoke; however, smokers also have needs. While a cloud of smoke irritates non-smokers and makes it difficult to breathe that dense smoke, smokers feel jittery, anxious, and inconvenienced when they must go outside and distance themselves from public places. These common places are for people to socialize and to have a good time. The truth is everyone has encountered an uncomfortable situation like this before. Although many people may agree or disagree with the fact that smoking in public places is affecting everybody, it was happening until recently when the government banned smoking in public places, and this has created controversies between smokers and nonsmokers. Although smokers have needs, nonsmokers have a right to clean air and to a safe environment; including the fact that smoking is a huge risk for both smokers and nonsmokers, inconvenience, and a bad influence on younger generation. One of the main concerns of smokers’ rights and the risks involved for all should also be considered. For years, some people have been smoking anywhere and everywhere thinking “It's my body.” “It’s my choice and I can do whatever I want to it.” Although a liberal perspective is that individuals are the best judges of whether they want to take on the risks involved in smoking, there are many good reasons to regulate smoking that reflect the costs that smoking imposes on third parties. A compilation of the best research on secondhand smoke declared, secondhand smoke a cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers. Since then, numerous other health agencies

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