Ban Cellphone Usage When Driving Essay

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Ban Hand Held Cell Phones While Driving Cell phones in the last five years have become a portable computer, GPS, and our main source of communication to reach out to people. Text messaging in society has become a daily routine in daily lives as well. The portability of today’s wireless phone means consumers are no longer constrained by location. Stay in touch with family and friends, or other important transactions. Kill two birds with one stone: get everything you need done anywhere except while driving. The one place people should not be using cell phone is while driving a vehicle. Driving a vehicle should be a time to concentrate on the road and if distracted could put your or someone else’s life in danger. Higher rates of accidents and fatalities are associated with driving while using a cell phone. Although using hands free devices such as Bluetooth and headsets are ok according to studies, physically using your phone can cause a serious distraction to the main focus, which is driving safe to wherever you are going. Banning the use of cell phones with your hands while driving should be enforced by every state in the United States because it prevents distracted driving, reduces accidents that can lead to injury or death, and hand free devices, such as headsets, Bluetooth, and voice recognition on phones or cars is safer. First while cell phones today now have the capability to do many things, the one place it should never be used is when driving. People should not be texting, calling without a hands free device, and checking up on social media sites while driving a vehicle. It distracts the driver by keeping their eyes off the road by concentrating on their cell phone. Others say that people can get distracted from eating and listening to loud music while driving too. I have been in a couple of accidents where my friends were texting and using their while
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