Baltimore Police Strike 1974

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Baltimore Police Strike 1974 The police of a city are probably some of the most important people living in that city, and many people do not take them for granted. The police keep us safe, safe from any kind of trouble that we might do to others or others do to us. The reason why cities have police departments is for the sole purpose of keeping the people of the city safe and in line. A place without any kind of authority would be chaos. So police keep the balance in the cities as much as they can. Imagine if one day they are all gone. Police work has been becoming harder and harder over the years. “As the degree of race and class conflict intensifies, the police assume a more demanding role both in repressing strikes and demonstrations and in attempting to contain the escalating level of crime” (“Police Militancy”). In Baltimore, in the year 1974, the police were tired of being treated poorly. They saw themselves doing the dangerous work that no one else wanted to do for very few, bad, benefits and poor pay. As a result for being treated badly, many officers of the Baltimore P.D. decided to go on strike. Around the same time the Baltimore municipal workers were going on strike, which started on July 1. The municipal workers strike attributed a lot to the Baltimore police strike. The striking officers sought for better wages and some changes to the Baltimore Police Department policy. Owing to the Baltimore PD going on strike, they got to resolve many conflicts that they had and were able to get most of the things that they wanted that would help them and their families out. During the time that the Baltimore police department, BPD, was getting riled up, the municipal workers of Baltimore were also going on strike. This played a major part with the police strike because the two unions joined to become even more effective and get everything that both of them
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