Balochistan Issue Essay

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‘Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan, thinly populated, occupies much significance not only in the geo-politics of Pakistan, rather it enjoys much strategic importance in this part of the globe’. 2 ‘Balochistan also shares borders of about 625 miles with Afghanistan to its northwest and of about 475 miles with Iran to its west. Some 562 miles of the Persian Gulf’s Makran Coast are in Balochistan’. 3 ‘The strategic position of the Balochistan is unique in the world. It is a gateway to South Asia, Middle East and Central Asia. It is rich with mineral and natural resources, which are a bone of contention and rivalry between Centre and nationalism forces’. 4 ‘After the collapse of the Soviet Union, landlocked Central Asian Republics merged, which are rich in energy resources and need a route for export of energy resources and international trade. Balochistan can be of great importance in this regard due to its potential to become an international energy corridor and transit route for trade and commerce’. 5 ‘The Baloch are only 3.57% of Pakistan’s 165.8 million people’. 6 Baloch nationalism straddles across borders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It also harbors the ambition of amalgamation of Brauhi Balochs and Sulemani Balochs who speak different languages and a varied set of social customs and norms. The political leadership of Balochistan argue that British government always treated them differently and they enjoyed special status and relationship with British Indian government. Their earlier attempts for independent state were tactfully thwarted by the political leadership of Concerns of Balochistan 115 Pakistan. They accepted the amalgamation with the state of Pakistan but got apprehensive about the fact that Baloch population was only a small fraction of the total population of Pakistan and

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