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Magda Ostrov Ballet IVB Laura Katz 5/2/13 Assignment #3 One of the goals I set for myself earlier in the semester was to concentrate on keeping my weight forwards, and not let myself fall backwards. I have been working on this and have finally begun to see some improvement in this aspect. I still feel myself falling backwards at times, so I will continue working on placing my weight forwards, and hopefully in time I will no longer fall with my weight backwards. I feel that I have also improved in breathing while I dance. In the past, I would have to remind myself to take deep breaths at the right moments during dance combinations, but now I have found that I have begun to do this without having to remind myself first. I think this will also help me express emotion as I dance, and I hope that as I begin to be able to breathe more and more naturally while I dance, I will also be able to express emotion more naturally too. I have also noticed previously that my elbows tend to drop often while my arms are in second position.…show more content…
I feel that my attitude in class has also been good, although at times dance frustrates me when I have a bad dancing day. I always look forward to going to ballet class and try to find ways to improve my dancing. I feel as though I have had a positive and hard working attitude in class, and I hope that this has come across to you too. Also, I think that I have found areas to work on and have made some significant progress in improvement, although there are still many things that I could work on and improve. I have also always put much thought into the writing assignments and have handed them in on time more or less, so I think I should get a reasonable number of points for those too. Overall, I think I would give myself an A- for this

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