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Let’s get to the “Pointe” Ballet is an art form that few people, unless in the world, know much about. They think it’s easy and girly, or think it’s freaky like in black swan. However, these people know very little about the world of ballet. Ballet is a very hard task. What ballerinas put themselves through makes football players look like a bunch of sissies. The total amount of dedication and brutality these dancers of one of the most technical things you can physically do is insane. The art of ballet began in the Italian renaissance courts of the 15th century. Ballet shows were held in large chambers with people seated all along the sides. It is highly technical with its own vocabulary used in full. Many countries take their dancing very seriously. The French, Russian, and Italians have developed this amazing art into what it is today. It typically is danced to classical music “en Pointe.” The creation of classical ballet as we know was invented by King Louis XIV. In 1830, ballet became a thing of the past until it revived itself in Russia where young people were joining ballet schools to escape the famine and uneasiness resulting from the Bolshevik revolution. Ballet can be broken up into different categories. Classical ballet, neoclassical ballet, and contemporary (modern) ballet make up the major categories. Classical ballet is the traditional ballet technique. It requires the most methodical of practice. There are several rules that classical ballet dancers adhere to. A step called a pliẻ is commonly used. Your body is always in turn out meaning everything is facing away from you. When feet are not on the floor they must be pointed. When the leg is not bent it stretched completely out unless placed behind and only slightly bent, but not completely. And finally, posture, alliance, strength balance, feeling and flexibility are all needed. Neoclassical

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