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Ballet Essay

  • Submitted by: mandy112
  • on October 28, 2008
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Like all dances Ballet is a form of expressing one’s self with the body. Crisp and Clarke states that “dance is a language which speaks directly to the eye” (Clarke 42). Ballet is a graceful dance style and is practiced and performed in most of Europe, The Americas, and some parts of Asia and Africa. Ferdinando Reyna states:
“Ballet lives in many countries, but everywhere with a different character and emphasis, shaped by national history, climate, customs, temperament: in France that character is grace, in Germany expressionism, in Russia realism, in Africa mysticism” (Reyna 224).  

Although different forms of ballet exist worldwide today, its origins are in Europe. In general, most European nations are Christian. Countries are either predominantly Roman Catholic, or Protestant.   Ballet has deep roots in Italy and France. Italy is a nation that is 95% Roman Catholic, and has a rich history. They have a concept of “bella figura” which translates to good image. They believe appearances matter a lot, and having a good appearance and aura translates to good social status and higher class. This belief of “good image” is translated in their ballets by demonstrating graceful movements and an impressionable aura. France is also a country with rich history, and their monumental historical events shape the people of the nation. John Locke believed that humans minds were tabula rasa (blank slate) and humans were molded by their environment. The people of France and the way they act, talk, eat, interact, and dance are all a product of their environment. From the days of King Louis XIV in the 18th century until now France has been a fashion institute as well as one of the most influential European nations. They set trends in fashion as well as ballets.
History of Ballet
Ballet was first created when the middle ages were coming to an end, and the renaissance was emerging in the late 15th century. In the Middle Ages dance for the most part was unorganized and...

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