Baldwin Change Over Time

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In today’s time prejudice still happens in the hallways of schools and outside in the real world. James Baldwin explains in his essay,”A Talk to Teachers”, that prejudice will exist in our schools years from now. This runs throughout our lives from kindergarten until college and even our professions. “It is your responsibility to change society if you think of yourself as an educated person”. Baldwin executed the ways that the teaching profession could help the schools with its challenges. He often encourages young people to challenge their willingness to get through school. “A Talk to Teachers” still remains helpful for public schools to eliminate prejudice in today’s schools. School discipline is one of the most troubling causes of problems in schools today. As some people work hard to receive their education there are others who may interfere with others education. They are no longer just problem students in Regular classes, but now affecting the higher knowledge students in AP classes. Because teachers have to give their attention to the discipline problems throughout the class the students who want to learn are often obligated to slack in their class. With schools making more rules to try and fight the problems they are still broken with a minimum of a D-Hall. The education system is known lowering their standards for the people that are most likely end up in the minimum wage jobs. Why not educate our next scientist to cure AIDS, or doctor to save that child’s life, or architect to build your next house? Its not that this or that race is smarter than the other , but having this or that person challenge themselves to take more advanced classes to prepare for their future. Baldwin wanted schools to become structures for an opportunity of
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