Balancing Work And Family

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It has been said that work can cause a lot of stress on everyone, what do you expect when both men and women are working, raising a family and going to school. In previous generations this was not an issue fathers were known as the bread winners and the mothers stayed home to raise the children and do the house work, but that was before the economy got so bad and a lot of people needed two incomes just to make ends meet. Now both mothers and fathers have to work to provide for their family and this has caused the children to suffer, it is a known fact that younger children need their parent(s) around a lot between birth and around age 5 when they start school, so that the parents can care for them and give them the love and support that they need at such a young age. In recent years women have started to rethink when they should have children only because if they have children they are limited to what they can do both at home and work. If they are college students or even if they just want to continue their education or even pursue a new career they would find it very difficult, having a family or even children is difficult. Imagine working, getting home to prepare dinner for your family, going to school, get back get the children ready for bed, do your homework, clean and do it all over again the next day (just thinking about makes someone tired). Some women would rather just stay in a minimum wage job than go through all this. Women are not the only ones who suffer from stress, men also suffer trying to balance work and family, but they handle things a little differently. Their stress comes from working long hours and not being able to help their wives with all the work at home and taking care of their children. On the other hand there are the fortunate few that do not have to worry about having two incomes and the few men that can help their wives with being
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