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Balancing Responsibility Essay

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Balancing Personal Responsibility and Time Management:

Research and Organization Explanation

Nadine Tremblay


June 30, 2014
Andria Reddick

Balancing Personal Responsibility and Time Management:

Research and Organization Explanation

    In my essay regarding personal responsibility and time management I have determined that it was difficult at best to find proper sources for the type of writing that I was conducting.   I have chosen to use two entries from the Wikipedia online encyclopedia with definitions for personal responsibility (moral responsibility) and accountability.   I also chose an online video from the University of Phoenix library called Balancing A Need For Achievement With Your Personal Life.   This video talked about how people become so focused on success and a feeling of immediate achievement that we start to lose focus on other aspects of our life.   It discusses how because we are so focused on that feeling of accomplishment that when we have any extra time we spend it focusing on the next thing we can do to fulfill that gratification.
    I am not entirely sure how these three resources will affect my final paper.   Honestly, I believe that the Wikipedia entries will strengthen my paper because it gives bold and basic definitions of what responsibility is and its importance.   As for the video referencing time management I guess I can use that to show that if we don’t manage our time wisely it can effect different aspects of our life now which will then effect other aspects later. For example we become to consumed by our academic career and or business career that we forget time for our families because we aren’t getting a feeling of gratification immediately so sometimes our family gives up on us and we end up alone which will then impact our business and our academic career because it can make us depressed or anxious.   Showing that there needs to be a balance so we can have everything and get our...

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