Balancing Responsibilities Essay

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Balancing Responsibilities For many of us college students the days of the laid back high school lifestyle is in the past. We can easily become stressed and overwhelmed by school, and even adjusting to the college life itself can take a toll on us. The challenge of balancing so many responsibilities and the failure to do so can lead to many frustrations. As a college student myself, I always have so much to do and not enough time to do it. Managing college was definitely a challenge for me until I learned to embrace it and learn from my experiences. With a little time-management that perfect balance can be achieved. Poor time management leads to cramming the night before, late, over-due assignments, and studying late into the wee hours of the night not while not feeling fresh or productive. Students who lack time management have been said to be overwhelmed and stressed because of the lack of time they have. All this can be fixed, however, with a little time management (Rodriguez 1). Part of student life is juggling the many demands on your time, and knowing which tasks to do first is critical for college students who don't have enough time. Tasks need to be ordered in terms of priority, meaning that you need to set priorities but many students confuse urgent with important. A solution to this problem may be creating a time log. For the y-values, write down important and not important, for the x-values, urgent and not urgent. It should turn out like a grid, with four quadrants; urgent, important/ not urgent, important/ urgent, not important/ not urgent, not important. Once your time management matrix is completed, see where you can get more things done. You may notice that you are spending time on tasks that are less important than others that have yet to be done. Perhaps you are spending time on Facebook or surfing the net for hours when an assignment is

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