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Chemical Reactions Chemical Reaction is known as chemical change. It is a process in which the chemical composition of a substance changes. This indicates that the number of atoms that make-up each molecules, the element of the atom that make-up the molecules, or both were changed. A chemical reaction involves a reactant(s) and a product(s). Reactant, also called reagent is the substance that undergoes chemical reaction. Product is the substance that was created when the reactant underwent chemical reactions. A chemical equation is an expression that shows the reactants involved and products that were created in a chemical reactyion. A chemical reaction is typically in the format: I. Formulas show chemistry at a standstill. Equations show chemistry in action. A. Equations show: 1. the reactants which enter into a reaction. 2. the products which are formed by the reaction. 3. the amounts of each substance used and each substance produced. B. Two important principles to remember: 1. Every chemical compound has a formula which cannot be altered. 2. A chemical reaction must account for every atom that is used. This is an application of the Law of Conservation of Matter which states that in a chemical reaction atoms are neither created nor destroyed. C. Some things to remember about writing equations: 1. The diatomic elements when they stand alone are always written H2, N2, O2, F2, Cl2, Br2, I2 2. The sign, → , means "yields" and shows the direction of the action. 3. A small delta, (Δ), above the arrow shows that heat has been added. 4. A double arrow, ↔ , shows that the reaction is reversible and can go in both directions. 5. Before beginning to balance an equation, check each formula to see that it is correct. NEVER change a formula during the balancing of an equation. 6. Balancing is done by placing coefficients

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