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Balanced Scorecard for American Operations Corporation (AOC) Bobby Duyile University of Maryland University College Author Note This paper was prepared for MBA the Economics of Management Decisions 630, taught by Mike Riley. Executive Summary The American Operations Corporation (AOC) is a subcontracting company that was founded in 1983. It is steadily rising as one of the top sub contracting companies in the management consulting industry. We have just been rewarded a 5 year contract with Pricewaterhousecoopers (PWC). The goal for me as a Staff Consultant is to help PWC apply analytical and business skills to PWC. It is my responsibility to develop analytical models and complex spreadsheets to analyze financial or operating data, documenting processes, assessing and improving processes. With all this being said, there are four perspectives that this paper will focus on for this organization which are Financial, Customer, Employee, and Internal Business Process. All four of these indicators are critical to the balanced scorecard of American Operations Corporation. Financial Epstein, M.J., & Manzoni, J. (1997, August) says that organizations should establish performance measurement systems that support their strategies. A financial strategy in this particular scorecard should reflect cash flow, reported earnings, risk management, and cost control. These four items should give the organization a better idea of what direction they are going financially. Being that AOC is a government subcontracting agency; their money is generated a little different than other companies. Their income comes directly from the contracts they bid on and are awarded. We are helping PWC become Audit ready by next year for their audit in March of 2014. There are approximately 4 people on my team for my specific group part in this process. Good ways to implement a

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