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How to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies Making chocolate chip cookies with my Grandfather had always been a delightful experience. They had always been the number one cookie. Every time you bit into the cookie, it would seem as though you were biting into a piece of heaven. My grandfather had always tried to teach me how to bake, but my attempts had never seemed to come close to what he could achieve. I would always be the one sent to go shopping for ingredients if I wanted to eat the baked goods. In the end, it was always worth it because the fun part was baking. I would be instructed to mix flour, baking soda, and salt in a bowl while my Grandpa would combine butter, sugar, vanilla extract, and eggs into another bowl. Now came the easy part. I would always take the pleasure to mix my bowl into the bowl that my Grandpa had prepared, watching as golden brown dough would start to appear before my eyes. I could smell the sweet aroma of the cookie dough as the mixture fused together. There was only one step left now, mixing in the chocolate chips and the marshmallows. I have always had a bad habit of sneaking a few pieces of chocolate chip into my mouth at this point, and had even once eaten away half the bag. Once the chocolate chips and marshmallows look evenly stirred within the mix, then the cookies are ready to bake! At this point, I had to make sure that the oven was preheated and then make little round splotches of dough onto a greased cookie pan. Now came the hard part, the greased pan would go straight into the oven, and following that would be a horrendous ten minute wait. I would sit there, teased by the scent that the oven would slowly release. Sometimes I would stare at the cookies in the oven, watching them as they turned golden brown, followed by a shrill “beep” that would tell me that it was time to

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