Baking a Layer Cake

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Baking a Layer Cake When preparing to bake a layer cake it is important to follow instructions and not cut corners. Leaving out a step, or substituting an ingredient can lead to a baking disaster. My very first cake failed to rise properly. It turned out to be a very fancy pancake due to a lack of baking powder and salt. That shouldn’t happen to you if you keep the following steps in mind when you set out to bake your cake. First of all you need to get organized. This means you will need your recipe handy. No matter which recipe you choose, the basic process is usually the same. Gather up the materials you will need in order to bake the cake. These can include pans, parchment paper, measuring cups and spoons, bowls, cooling racks, and an electric mixer. It will also include your ingredients, such as flour, sugar, eggs, and oil. Keep in mind that these are just the basics. Fancier cakes can require more specialized ingredients. Once you have all your materials gathered you need to get prepared to combine them. It is best to first get your oven set on the correct temperature, and then prepare your pans according to the directions on your recipe. Then you will measure out each ingredient and arrange them in the order in which they will be used. Be sure to measure precisely! One wrong measurement can ruin the whole cake. Now, you’re ready to mix the cake. This is when the recipe really comes into play. It will show you exactly how to combine your ingredients. The recipe will tell you when to add each ingredient and how long to mix the batter. Pay close attention because mixing too long can make your cake dry. After the batter is mixed up you will pour it into the prepared pans. You’ll need to divide it into equal portions in order to keep your layers even. Then you just slide the pans into the oven, and bake for the time your recipe indicates. As soon as the

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