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4.3 BAKING INGREDIENTS A. Major Ingredients 1. Wheat Flour - Is the basic ingredient of batters and dough and provides structure and body in baked products because of its protein and starch content. - White whole wheat flour is all grain wheat flour that has been milled using white or albino wheat rather than the traditional red wheat. It retains many more nutrients than the traditionally bleached white flour. This type of flour produces products that taste more like they were made with bleached flour, so it is often considered the ideal compromise between taste and proper nutrition. Increasingly, supermarkets carry packaged loaves of bread that are made using white wheat flour. 2. Water * Liquids in baking maybe milk, fruit juices or just plain water. It is the Cheapest ingredient in baked products especially in the development of dough because of its essential role in converting the flour protein into gluten. Other uses are: Controls consistency and temperature (warm or cool) of dough. Dissolve salts, suspends and distributes non-flour ingredients evenly in order for complex enzymatic activation and chemical changes to take place. 3. Milk - is defined as a whole, fresh and clean lacteal secretion of the mammary glands. Unqualified milk refers to whole cow’s milk. - Is an excellent animal protein food. It is one of the best sources of riboflavin, calcium and phosphoric acid and has a good supply of vitamins A and D. the average composition percentage of milk is 86.6% water, 3.8% protein, 4.6%sugar, 4.3% fat and 7% minerals. 4. Shortening - Any fat which when added to flour mixtures increases tenderness. This is done by preventing the sticking of gluten strands while mixing so that gluten is shortened and makes the product more tender - The physical and chemical properties of fats are influenced by the fatty

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