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Question 2: Evaluate the partner promotion at Bain. What are its strengths and weaknesses? The hierarchy of the Bain Company is relatively flat and enables promising employees good promotion prospects. There are three levels of hierarchy before being promoted as a vice president (associate consultant, consultant and manager). When it comes to the evaluation process of promoting potential partners/vice presidents, the candidates are represented by two packages of information. More specifically one package includes the recommending from the local offices of the candidates and the other package consists of surveys of the third party reviewers. These third party reviewers are the members of the CPC (Promotion Committee), who make the partner promotion twice a year. The CPC has several responsibilities, which are making a set of compensation recommendations and serving the final promotion decisions while considering the firm-wide view of the Bain Company. By focusing on the partner promotion process, we are able to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the process, which are presented hereafter. A strength of the Bain Promotion Process is the existence of clear frame conditions. The company has clear objectives of performance appraisal. In view of the strategic components, Bain links the individual job behaviors to strategic objectives. The CPC is looking for people who match the principles of Bain. “Bain and Company’s mission is to help our clients create such high levels of economic value that together we set new standards of excellence in our respective industries”. This is deeply rooted in their compensation process as well, since the partner’s compensation in part is directly tied to the long-term results of their clients. In order to evaluate the best partners for their clients, Bain even developed a detailed set of formal criteria for the promotion of the Vice

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