Bailout Essay

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I felt the National Government, State and Local Government were a big failure in handling the Katrina natural disaster and catastrophe. It started out with poor communications, shortages of qualified emergency personnel and lack of training and overwhelming demands for help of the Federal and State government. Beginning with the Federal Government, the President’s aids did not engaging him of the substantial, analyzes, and actions of their information at its deposal and failing to confirmed the collapsed of New Orleans’s Levee System that led to a disastrous flooding in the city. The Government had a great deal of conflict that was occurring behind close door, and the fighting among them contributed to the delayed progress in helping to evaluate the victims of New Orleans. In this situation there were misjudgments, argument, and fight amongst the government administrations between The President aids, Homeland Security and FEMA. Failures of the government homeland security: declaring Katrina as an incident of National Significance and creating an interagency board of experience strategic advisor on August 30, instead of August 27, Second, Failed to foresee the need to muster buses, boats, and aircraft for evacuations for victims, and failing to confirm the catastrophic levee breaches. Third, the Breaches started at 7 pm on Aug 29, which the homeland security did not confirm until 11 hours later pm August 30 now this was another critical and failing problem. Fourth, the 56 hours warning of the storm before land fall. Fifth, money not spent to strengthen the levees instead, government created different branches of homeland security and operations which did not developed have a strategic plan or had one in place incase such disaster occurred which it did. Another disappointment in the government was leaders in the agencies starting to put blame on one another and

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