Bahviorist Approach and Biological Approach (Unfinished)

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Behaviorist approach works very differently from biological approach in Health and Social care. There are many differences between the two and how they are used to aid people with many disorders. The behavioral approach assumes that all behavior is learn and that when we are born we are like a blank piece of paper. Behaviorists and social learning theorists are some of the examples of scientists and psychologists who believe in the nurture side of the debate. They believe that children can be molded and shaped by the environment through behavior modification, rewards and punishments. The belief that you can mold a persons’ behavior by rewarding them for their good actions and punishing them for the bad allows the behaviorist approach to help people quit bad habits, such as smoking, nail biting, and finger drumming. This is a form of both Radical and Neo Behaviorism. The focus of behaviorism approach is that everything is based solely on behavior and has no focus on the mind or its perception. The Biological approach is the belief that our nervous and endocrine systems, as well as genetics are what define our behavior and personalities. Hormones and neurotransmitters are another factor of what effects our behavior, our hormone and nervous system and what cause us to react to disorders and situations such as anxiety, which is a trait passed down within the genetic coding. DNA is made up of many traits which are all relatively stable and cause people to act in certain ways, such as cheerful, imaginative, or even bold, this is decided by the combination of traits someone possesses, which makes every individual unique in their own way. The biological psychologists also believed in maturation, which is that children grow from birth to adult in stages, which includes a predetermined age at which an average child should reach certain life events at a given age, these are
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