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Bahama Breeze If you are looking for a restaurant to indulge all five senses, look no further! Bahama Breeze is a restaurant with quality food, outstanding service, and an exotic atmosphere. It is located about twenty minutes from the UT, but you will feel as if you have been transported to a lush tropical island. Although a bit more pricey than other themed restaurants, the service and atmosphere more than compensate for the additional price. Bahama Breeze’s outdoor dining lends spectacular views overlooking Tampa Bay, providing patrons with million-dollar views of a picture-perfect Florida sunset a soothing breeze true to its namesake. Upon waiting to be seated, I took a moment to glance at the décor; the entire restaurant, both on the outdoor deck overlooking the bay and the indoor portion encapsulated the essence of a tropical island. My eyes were greeted by a pleasing but not cheesy tropical atmosphere, complete with lush greenery (real, not plastic), exotic flowers in many colors, and a nicely-juxtaposed floor made of rocks to resembled being outdoors. There were straw roofs over the tables resembling a classic hut one may encounter on a tropical island. The tropical ambiance was supplemented by faint island music, giving guests the feeling that they had ventured into a hidden paradise. Our party was seated after a few minutes wait at a roomy table accented with a tropical flower. The difficult decision making process began as soon as I opened the comprehensive menu; the inviting pictures of the many meals lent itself to many minutes of difficult decision-making. Luckily I had brought three decisive friends with me to assist in remedying my dilemma. Our lively waiter Bill offered many helpful suggestions, having tried many of the delicious meals himself. Having realized we were having difficulty making a decision, Bill took our drink orders and promptly

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