Baggy Pants Debate

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Sara Padgett Mrs. Okereke-Beshel ENC 1102 February 5, 2008 The Banning of Sagging Pants Proves to be a Hot Topic Fashion trends have become an expression of one’s personal style among today’s youth. In some cases, it can be perceived that a certain type of dress is directly connected to performance, attitude, and overall behavior in school, extracurricular activities, and life in general. The ongoing feud between parents and their children over what is considered to be “appropriate attire” has lasted since the dawn of time. Today’s thongs and low-riding pants are yesterday’s zoot suits, greaser jackets, and bellbottom jeans (Steiner). Though older individuals have never quite approved of young men and women’s “trendy” dress code, it has been tolerated and never severely reprimanded. A very popular yet controversial fashion statement among teenagers nowadays has raised the question of indecency and criminal activity to many older concerned individuals. Baggy pants worn below the waist line, intentionally revealing undergarments is considered by some to be highly inappropriate, to such a degree that action must be taken. Pastor Diane Robinson of Jacksonville, Florida was the first of many to take it upon herself to correct what she saw as “personally offensive” (Goodwyn). The Pull up your Pants campaign, started by Robinson in April of 2007 has many people beginning to take initiative behind attempting to convince young people that their “inappropriate” apparel is not attractive. Robinson’s goal is to collect as many belts as possible and distribute them to young men and women with the slogan “Pull up your Pants! Need Help? Here’s a Belt” (Steiner). Robinson’s campaign has been referred to as both inspirational and unnecessary, from either side of the controversy’s stances. Many people of higher positions have also decided that they are fed up with
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