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The Poem bad man is written by Langston Hughes, which talk about black oppression on the male figure in the 19th century. In contrast is “Richard Cory” a poem of a man free of oppression and well adored in his society. “Richard Cory” is written by well know/renown poet Edwin Arlington Robinson. This essay will explore the lives of two men of different color, wealth and their influence on society.. The poem “bad man” conveys a black man who is drowned in the depths of the world of/by discrimination and racism (oppression). Throughout his life, he has been labeled as a troubled/”bad man”. Flooded by society’s harsh stereotype/prejudice he has been programmed to nature and maintain his role as a “bad man”. As outlined in stanza 1, line 1 &2 states “I’m a bad, bad man, cause everybody tells me so” justifies his character and his judgmental society. The repetition of “bad bad” emphasizes that he accepts and agree that he is truly a bad person. Similarly to the poem “Richard Corey”, he has been a spectacle/celebrity to his eagle eyes community/society. The writer sketches Richard Corey in as “whenever Richard Corey went down town, we people on the pavement looked at him” stanza 1, lines 1 &2.It is evident that they has no choice but to live up to the standard /perception society categorized them . Richard Corey strived to maintain his profile and reputation as being a wealthy, education and pleasant man. The writer depicts him as “clear favored and imperially slime and he was always quietly arranged” stanza 1, lines 3-4. Likewise, “bad man” have sustained /managed his character which allows his action to precede the belief of society. “I am so bad, I don’t even want to be good” stanza 3, lines 1-2. As much as both men have accepted their culture/the norm, they both seem to share a troubled and disturbed mind and personality. The effects of racism and

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