Bad Drivers Essay

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Bad Drivers come in all shapes, sizes, and even ages. People have varying skills when it comes to driving, but today’s drivers have developed dangerous habits. Talking on a cell phone, looking at the scenery, playing with the radio, are all common and takes attention away from the drivers’ main focus (the road). For example, having a bad day at work is a distraction, and thinking about work while driving is distractive. Easily distracted drivers should focus more on his or her surroundings. Distracted drivers run stop signs, veer off into other people’s lane, and rear end people. For instance, looking away from the road for a split second is all the time it takes to cause an accident. Furthermore, putting on cosmetics, reading, and even eating can be deadly, but these are common habits of today’s drivers. Another deadly habit is following too close, which is sometimes known as tailing someone. Drivers that operate a vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance are the most dangerous. No matter how cautious and law abiding people are when driving, they become a bad driver when they choose to drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Driving drunk will slow your reaction time down, and is an accident waiting to happen. Putting other people in danger while driving is unacceptable especially under the influence of a controlled substance. Older people should frequently have their license checked and taken at an appropriate time. For example, my girlfriend’s grandfather offered to pick us up so we wouldn’t drink and drive. It was dark and late at night and he was having trouble seeing the road. Instead of telling us he was blind he proceeded to guess where the exit was and veered off the high without hesitating and crashed into a divider. It was scary, and it was the last time we asked him for a ride. He side swiped a police

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